Becoming Part of the Solution

Throughout history, advances in communication technology have created seismic impacts on industry sectors and the consumer markets. The transition to a broadband-centric communication world has begun.

Thought leaders and early adopters who recognize the transition taking place have the ability to set the stage for the new paradigm by drafting terms that are in the best interests of all participants, and to define terms that ensure the broadband ecosystem is self-sustainable as well as scalable. As a result, current strains on broadband networks due to insatiable consumer demand for bandwidth-intensive usage, from online entertainment to education applications, can be alleviated through a more efficiently managed online supply chain running over the backbone of the Internet.

Solving the problems that face the media industry, broadband service providers and others in the broadband ecosystem goes far beyond developing a technological solution. A foundation must be established that cooperatively addresses existing problems across the network before a solution can be jointly implemented.

The InterStream Association seeks to bring together buyers and sellers of bandwidth in order to create a more efficient marketplace for broadband content. We offer many layers of involvement, allowing each organization to determine what level of commitment it wishes to make.

Media Companies

The Association offers several benefits to media distributors and content producers, which include:

  • Increasing Quality of Experience (QOE);
  • Providing a forum focused solely on issues relating to the broadband marketplace;
  • Supporting a technology platform that facilitates oversight of their copyright; enforcement policies, and;
  • Ensuring broadband delivery policies are fair and transparent.

We welcome media companies of all sizes--from major motion picture and television studios to small, independent production companies--to join InterStream's existing commercial sponsors and to start participating in the ongoing discussions that guide the direction of the Association.

Media companies who wish to contribute to the formation of InterStream's Terms of Service Agreement (ITOSA) and participate in InterStream's Content Oversight Board are welcome to contact us regarding participation. As the Association seeks to establish a single, global broadband "jurisdiction" that provides efficient enforcement against illegal distribution of pirated content, early involvement in the Content Oversight Board may be rewarded with increased audit enforcement privileges in the future. We are working toward establishing a policy working group to establish the terms of service agreements. Please contact us for more information if you have interest in participating.

Service Providers

Service Providers consist of ISPs who commit to providing network resources to support the InterStream service mark. For these ISP's, the Association serves as a tool to develop relationships with and garner new revenue streams from prospective media customers. Ultimately, InterStream's new marketplace is designed to increase revenue per user and decrease customer attrition.

ISP's who are interested in becoming InterStream Service Providers may contact us by info [at] interstream [dot] com (email) or speak to us at +1-310-756-0365.

Commercial Sponsors

Commercial Sponsors are defined as organizations and individuals that volunteer resources in support of Phase I, II, and/or III of InterStream's pilot implementation plan. Note that both media companies and service providers can be Commercial Sponsors. Sponsors are instrumental in leading discussions and forming the foundation that will foster the creation and growth of express bandwidth services superior to the existing "best-effort" broadband distribution model.

Commercial Sponsors are given access to participate in all InterStream Association meetings and are most informed on all matters being discussed and taking place within the Association. Such matters include the formation of the Mediation Bandwidth Agreement (MBA) as well as InterStream's Terms of Service Agreement (ITOSA). Furthermore, Sponsors can embed technology into their respective networks, enabling potential resale opportunities to their downstream customers.

Before the Association is formalized, Sponsors will have a say in drafting Association documents and charters. By taking part in setting the Association's business or technical standards, Sponsors will be better positioned to align their products more closely with offerings provided through the Association and its participants that otherwise may not have existed.

To become involved now, you can provide resources that will assist InterStream through Phase I, II, and III of testing. For more information regarding getting involved, please contact InterStream at +1-310-756-0365.